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Using Oracle Cloud Tools like CloudFish you can reduce unnecessary hassle of creating data models and BIP reports.  You can export data to an excel

This is a web Based Tool. No need to download or install into your computer.  

CloudFish provides all the Fusion Tables to you 


Save Time and Cost with more productive Gains
Are you tired of getting a ad-hoc query using Fusion/
Cloud BI tool?  
No more frustation.
Jump into CloudFish Tool

CloudFish helps you run SQL Query in Oracle Cloud applications.
  It has an Oracle Cloud Explorer with database browser for Oracle
              Cloud HCM, SCM, PPM and Oracle Cloud ERP.
Run SQL in Oracle ERP and HCM Cloud
CloudFish will increase your team members' efficiency.

Choose your plan to get started

  • Silver Plan

    Every month
    Valid for 12 months+ 14 day free trial
  • Gold Plan - Yearly

    Every year
    Unlimited Access to PODs
    Valid for 2 years+ 14 day free trial

High Demand


  • Up to two ERP/HCM/PPM Cloud connections

  • SQL Formatting

  • No need to install any client extensions

  • Export to .xls and .rpt formats

  • Email support

  • Most useful and commonly used Sql queries

Bargain Value


  • Unlimited Cloud connections to the enterprise.  Any no.of users can access 

  • Intellisense and sql formatting

  • database browser

  • Regular updates 

  • Updates for all new releases

  • Most useful queries for the user for adhoc reporting

  • 24X7 support

  • Website login

Marble Surface

Why CloudFish?

Key Features

  • Web based Tool.  No need to install.  Access from anywhere

  • SQL query capabilities to access Oracle SaaS Data

  • Simultaneous connectivity to multiple cloud instances

  • Export data to Excel/RTF 

  • Powerful search capability across all columns and data

  • View all the tables in the tool.

  • Shortcuts to create code snippets

  • Smart code editor with context-aware auto-completion

  • Equipped with intellisense.  

  • Increase the workspace with F11 

  • Build the queries and move to Cloud instance to create BI Report

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